The spring is here and we all enjoy.
For those who have allergic hay fever, we know how you feel.
Therefore, we want to help you to minimise the suffering. Now by purchasing the BRISE air purifier C200 via our dealers in Europe, you will receive an extra filter bundle for free.
With this filter bundle, you will not need to buy additional filters within almost 1.5 years *.
Super deal.
* This 1.5 years is just estimated, not guarantee. It can be longer or shorter, depending on individual condition and usage.

Promotion period: 01~16 June 2019

Free filter bundle:

Breathe Carbon 活性碳前置濾網

1 pack of Breathe Carbon

6 pieces in a pack,
normal price: €29,99


Breathe Combo 4合1綜效型主濾網

1 pack of Breathe Combo

1 piece in a pack,
normal price: €49,99





* Only applicable to purchase in Europe

How to claim the free filter set?

Simply! Purchase during promotion period and claim the free filter set by filling this form below.
You will receive the filter set at home for free with 4 weeks.