S1使用心得-無聲的Brise S1,無聲的守護(ele編輯器)-en

A while ago, Taoyuan was panicked due to the infection in the hospital. The psychological pressure of the clinic work was heavy on every employee. Face masks, masks, and protective clothing were not careless. Turning on the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is a daily procedure. 
During this period, there are many businesses to introduce air purifiers, but the air purifiers are doubtful whether the protection of the new crown virus is enough, especially the clinic is not better than the general environment.

I came into contact with BRISE S1 by chance. It is different from ordinary air purifiers. It uses a fan to introduce air into the machine, and then sends the air out of circulation after being treated by an internal UV lamp, as if it is continuously performing a UV lamp disinfection program. Different from air purifiers.
This machine was purchased for this reason. The fan’s sound is not loud and will not affect the conversation during the consultation. When the indicator light is on, it seems to be performing its guardian work, and the pressure in my heart is really uncomfortable. Few, so I often tell the clinic nurse that this is a silent guardian.