Don’t let wood smoke ruin your life

Talks about wood smoke have been on the rise lately, and the discussion about burning wood will only increase this winter. The demand for firewood and stoves is greater than is good for our health, unfortunately. This is partly caused by the rise in gas and electricity prices.

BRISE products are designed for allergy care. We therefore focus here on those who experience problems from neighbours who heat their homes with wood burning stoves and wood stoves. And don’t forget: outdoor stoves, barbecues and fire pits also give complaints. Wood burning causes air pollution; particulate matter and chemicals are released into the air and cause stench, nuisance and respiratory problems.

The HEPASmart® system

The HEPASmart® system of the BRISE air purifiers ensures that air pollution that enters your home from outside, quickly and efficiently removes harmful substances, such as wood smoke. Because the smart air purifier calculates with real-time use of the filter, you are assured that the filter works optimally for your personal situation. Customization, so you don’t waste money and the filter is only ‘on’ when it is really ‘on’. Don’t worry, you will receive a notification via the app when the time has come.


What is the cost per day in average ?

Well, that won’t be a problem. The total costs for 5 years of home use in a single-family home (in the Netherlands), device ON 24/7:

Per day, including device, all necessary filters and electricity:

Brise C200 air purifier: € 0,70. 

Brise C360 air purifier: € 0,95.

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