BRISE filter can degrade 99% virus within 1 hour

certified by National Health Research Institutes

The unique anti-pandemic filter “Breathe Bio” can decompose 99% virus within 1 hour by contact. ~ The National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology in Taiwan has just published the test report this week.

Test on 4 kinds of most seen virus strain.
The National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, together with our Pacific Asia distributer Aether Service Ltd in Taiwan, has selected several virus strains EV-A71, CV-A6, CV-A10 and CV-A16, according to CDC Taiwan, to do this research. The result shows that 99% of these viruses have been degraded within 1 hour after contact with “Breathe Bio” filter. The effectiveness is very significant!

Early this year, we also assigned a professional laboratory to examine the purification rate against H1N1 and EV-A71 in form of Aerosol. The report also shows that the purification rate has reached 99% within 60 minutes, which can reduce the risk of cross-infection in a public space.

Filtration is not enough, Elimination is Must
“Breathe Bio” filter of BRISE is the only air purifier filter in the market which has the capability of both “contact” and “diffuse” methods to eliminate bacteria and virus. By “contact” it can eliminate virus around filter. By “diffuse”, it can further eliminate those viruses filtered in HEPA filter. Therefore, with this technology we can reduce again the risk of infection caused by possible secondary polluted filters.

All new BRISE C360 air purifier with “Breathe Bio” filter
The newest BRISE C360 air purifier is open for pre-order now. By pre-order, BRISE give 4 pieces “Breathe Bio” filters as gift for free. With advanced Nano Film technology, each Bio filter can provide 90 days long effective. Together with BRISE C360 and Breathe Bio, you can create your safe and comfort living environment.

Of course, you can upgrade your BRISE C200 for more protections
We do appreciate our loyal C200 users so we make this “Breathe Bio” filter also available for you. Simply replace existing Breathe Carbon filter with Breathe Bio filter and immediately get upgraded.