BRISE helps prevent pandemics in historic buildings

There is an increasing focus on air quality and the importance of clean air for your health, in particular the impact of air pollution on your lungs. This not only applies to the outside air, but certainly also to the air in the house. Only few people realize that the air inside is often polluted and can lead to health problems. BRISE wants to make people aware of the importance of clean air.

Sufficient ventilation is required in buildings. This reduces the spread of pathogens that cause respiratory infections, such as the corona virus. Good ventilation is not only of great importance for clean air and your health, but also for the preservation of the building.

It is difficult to determine when the air quality is bad. The ventilation in older, especially historic buildings is of course not always optimal. It is a prerequisite to observe measures of the RIVM. Then it is important to improve the ventilation where possible. This is more difficult in the colder season, especially in winter.
We spoke with Jan Bakker, former medical doctor at the Amsterdam AMC hospital, who chose to install BRISE air purifiers in a historic 18th century building

BRISE air purifier is an excellent addition to the range of measures to prevent health problems and the spread of viruses and bacteria. The multiple effect of the BRISE filter system renders the viruses and bacteria filtered from the air harmless within hours. Thus they do not spread in the filter. The effective ‘Breathe Bio’ filter has a TiO2 coating, which reacts with UV light to make microorganisms in the filter harmless. If you want to know more, visit our website

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