Lovely dog and cat inside house

Many people have pets at home, dog, cat, cavia..etc. We love them and care them as part of our family. Especially dog or cat with longer hairs, a regular vacuum cleaning is well necessary.

One of our royal users from Amsterdam in the Netherlands has sent us this following photos. She has 2 cats and own a B&B. She bought her BRISE because she noticed that it is important for keep air inside house clean since they are receiving different people from different places everyday. Not longer than 2 months, BRISE app reminded her to change filter soon

“ I even do vacuum cleaning everyday with my Dyson vacuum cleaner ! “, she said.

 With HEPASmart technology, you will be notified to change a new filter at the correct moment so that you have the best balance of health and cost.

What our expert says:
Those hairs have been filtered by BRISE when they were still in the air, before
being sticked on surface, such as furniture or clothes.
BRISE has a special design for pets owner. There is open channel under the front cover for air-intake. This design is to enable air to be sucked in from lowest level close to floor, where the pets are passing by. The dropped hairs can be immediately filtered in before being sticked on furniture.

An open channel under the front cover for air-intake enables air to be sucked in from lowest level close to floor
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